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Church History

From Foundation up to Now
Church History
Revelation that Grew into a Great Movement

Since being young Oleksandr&Olha Rudynets, pastors of the Kingdom of God Church, has been active participants in preaching the Gospel and charity. Oleksandr with a group of believers did evangelism in villages and preached on the radio. At the same time Olha served as a mercy sister. Due to one of the evangelistic projects, such as “Jesus” film broadcasting, many people came to God. Oleksandr and Olha felt responsibility to lead those people to Christ further. In some time one more huge evangelistic
campaign took place, including the youth group from Poland. A bunch of people that gathered together after the evangelistic campaigns created a core of the
future church. At that time Oleksandr got a revelation from the Lord that he should lead that group of believers. Later on during the prayer he got a confirmation from the Polish brothers. So Oleksandr took responsibility as a pastor. The community was founded in 1992. It was named Independent Christ Church.
First meeting took place at the house near the City Council. The number of church members grew up and they began to rent a Puppet Theatre, then “Promin” Cinema for meetings. In 1995 Pastor Oleksandr received the word from God of building a temple. Since then the building started. In 2002 on the basis of God’s revelation the church was renamed as “Kingdom of God”. Since 2008 Kingdom of God Church meetings occur in
temporary hall near the temple building.