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Social Ministries
Monthly Meetings

Pastorals are ministries focused on building relationship among believers. It’s communication by interests for different categories of people. In particular, there are ministries for women, for men, for families and for mothers.Pastorals occur once a month. Ministry for Women Every woman has a special calling from God. In order to reveal it, women search the Word of God on pastorals. It motivates them to grow in faith. Sisters share their personal testimonies and pray together as well. Such meetings inspire to be a good mother, sister and wife, and succeed in all areas of life.

Ministry for Men
Men gather together to communicate on thrilling topics of the Word of God and discuss life situations. The ministry includes both spiritual and practical aspects. For instance, brothers support the needy in church and help in church building with their own hands.

Ministry for families
This pastoral function is to facilitate communication of couples. Married couples share their life experiences on building relationship. Each time the ministry has a different format, such as: Ukrainian party, French party, romantic party etc. Families organize common leisure. Traditionally every year they have sports competitions “Dad, Mum and I are Family”. Couples take part in performances, entertainments and organize parties for the whole church.

Ministry for mothers

This ministry intend to spiritual growth, souls support and mothers training. Communication is one of the most important components of the pastoral. Each time they speak on different topics about raising children. Mothers share precious knowledge they received in the process. Mothers often bring their kids to the meetings. While mothers are talking, their kids can play in Sunday School.