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He is Risen! He is Alive

He is Risen! He is Alive

2018-04-09 14:35:00

“He is Risen! He is alive”- such festive singings were heard in the Kingdom of God church on Easter service. Worship team prepared new songs about the Risen Saviour, special for Easter.

Many greetings from all over the globe came on Easter. Grygoriy Pustovit personally came to greet the church on behalf of the City Council. Children prepared a wonderful dance, a song and special performance of the youngest Sunday school group.
Several children under mentor guidance organized a worship team and prepared a special song. New voices from the youth ministry also became a revelation for many.
“All that we do, we must do because of love not obligation. Like Jesus did. He loved His Father and He loved people. It was a leitmotif of all His life.” – Such was a general line of the sermon, prepared by worship leader Pavlo Hloza.
The festive meeting ended with common tea party for everybody.

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