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The Rest with the Ministry

The Rest with the Ministry

2018-08-27 11:30:00

The time of rest is always pleasant, and especially when it’s full of communication with brothers and sisters and collective worship of God. The team of leaders from the Lutsk city and Kyiv region have been to the sunny Berdiansk city. Church of Christ the Savior, which is a member of the Spiritual Administration of Christian Churches “Kingdom of God” in Ukraine, welcomed the guests. "It was amazing time for both sides, as because of the distance and lack of time, we do not always have opportunity for visits and close communication", - said the ministers from Lutsk.

The Church of Christ the Savior hospitably received brothers and sisters, and they were able to serve each other. In particular, Bishop Oleksandr and his wife Olga visited several Sunday services, and, moreover, served in prayer meetings and meetings for the church leaders.

On the 26th of August there was a special ministry with strong worship, word and prayer. Bishop Oleksandr Rudynets shared with Christians how to be led by the Holy Spirit. Indeed, the Holy Spirit speaks to the spirit of
every believer. "Leading of the Holy Ghost is basic," the bishop noted, "all the rest (such as prophets, angels) are situational. And this is simple and accessible to everyone; day and night, and at any time of the year. It’s belongs to the children of God, so it's important to use it."

Also this day Oksana Tretyak motivated her brothers and sisters to serve God and not to regret make limits for God’s sake. "Often, before many good blessings in our lives there must be a sacrifice," said Oksana. "It must be a manifestation of our gratitude and dedication."

At the end of both meetings, which were attended by the ministers on August 19 and 26, people received Jesus into their hearts. This is a great joy for us and our Heavenly Father.

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