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Your Miracle is Possible

Your Miracle is Possible

2018-12-03 15:00:00

On December 1-2 there were meetings of healing and deliverance in the Kingdom of God Church. Bishops Oleksandr Rudynec and Andriy Tishchenko served the parishioners and guests of the church .On Saturday, December 1, the sermons were to build the faith of Christians in order to accept healing. After that, there was a prayer for people's needs.

On Sunday, December 2, Bishop Oleksandr Rudynec spoke about the power of communion. He urged everyone to accept bread and wine as a symbol of the sacrifice of Christ, which gives power for believers to win their troubles.Bishop Andriy Tishchenko continued speaking on this subject. He urged the believers to look at Jesus who won death and triumphed in the glory. The Bishop set an example of the apostle Thomas, who had lost his faith, but recovered it by touching the wounds of Christ.Both services finished with prayer for healing and deliverance. In the end Christians testified of a special God's touch and His power on the meetings.

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