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Grateful for All

Grateful for All

2018-11-16 12:00:00

Kingdom of God Church in Lutsk celebrated Thanksgiving Day and the 26th Birthday!

This holiday was a good occasion to thank God for His daily blessings.

An important part of worship was the prayer of gratitude for the spiritual and daily bread, as well as the congratulations to the pastors Oleksandr and Olha Rudynets.
Daughter churches of the Church Union "Kingdom of God" in Ukraine also shared their greetings. Especially touching were poems from the kids, as well as the "Flowers" performance prepared by the older generation of the church.
There was also spiritual instruction. Pastor Oleksandr emphasized the difference between earthly and God's wisdom and called people to seek God's guidance in life.
The ministry ended with fellowship at the tea with homemade pastries prepared by the parishioners themselves.

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